I’m really, really enjoying the summer.  The sunshine.  The fresh fruit.  Picking sugar pod peas with my granddaughter, Tornado. ( Actually…I pick, she eats.  Its an equitable trade.  She eats, I get kisses. )  Even the humidity- stop, ok, not the humidity so much.  I am enjoying the shade on the porch and how good a glass of sweet tea goes down. I’m enjoying….but I find myself looking at parts of the garden that will soon be harvested…and then….

My thoughts keep turning to a fall garden.  I’ve always intended to put one out and not merely let summer crops suffer a slow lingering death.  I look at what Eliot Coleman accomplishes at Four Season Farm and I’m envious.  Darn it, I want to be able to go out and pick crispy sweet carrots and baby spinach in January, too!  So this year, I’m going for it.  I’m starting flats of broccoli and cauliflower, cabbage and kale up on the patio.  I’m going to start carrots to harvest all winter. I will direct seed the spinach, the parsley, the mizuna, and the Marvel of 4 Seasons lettuce.  I shall prepare to have this goodness for my tummy when the snow falls and the temps drop.  YES, I SHALL THIS YEAR!

So.  First thought is space.  My bit of a garden is pretty full up right now.  I’ll have to create some more space, even if its not ready for this years fall garden.  I can harvest the three garlic patches, so there will be some space.  I can kill the old everbearing strawberry patch.  Its been moved to new digs so its fair game.  Ah, lovely spaces chock full of promises.

There are tricks and hacks to get cold weather plants going well in the hot of the summer and keep them fresh when the cold sets in.   I’ll look them up and tell you all about them.  I keep a lot of information in a Big Red Book of gardening and homesteading that I’ve been adding  to for years.  I’ll give you a glimpse next time you come to visit.

Have a glorious summer day, keep hydrated, put your feet up, kiss your babies and grandbabies and enjoy!