I’m crazy about June.  June is the first of real summer here in central Indiana.  It’s hot days and cool nights, flowers and veg growing like..uh…well…weeds,and weeds growing like weeds.  Its warm, sweet strawberries for breakfast. Its sitting on a blanket under the hazelnut thicket with my best friend, visiting.  Its hearing nothing but slurping noises from the other side of the black raspberry bushes as the granddaughter  ‘helps’ pick for dessert.  Its the peace and calm of coffee early morning on the porch as the birds come to feast on the juneberries. June is a hug from your favorite Aunt, before her husband July comes in with the noogies of hot days and hot, humid, hard -to-sleep nights.  July is a nice guy but kind of overbearing.


     I’m still putting garden out.  I confess, its been impossible to get everything done.  So I didnt bother this year.  I’m enjoying working in the sun and heat, and if part of the garden doesnt get in until fall…frankly, I’m good with that, too.  In this week are more greens, some sunflowers for the bees, cucumbers, pole beans, and more basil.  This would normally be the second planting, but when you havent had a first….um…this makes the first.

Do you have a garden?  even if its a couple of pots on the balcony or along the porch?  What do you make certain you grow every year?  What would you grow if you had a garden, no matter how small?  Would you have a bigger garden, or any garden at all, if you could sit back and enjoy it more and work less at it?  Stick with me, kid, and we’ll talk about that and so much else,